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    Opening September 2017.

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    post-bellum southern experience in the heart of Old Town Warrenton…

    ...inside a 200 year old house rich in American Colonial, Civil War-era, and Roarin’ 20’s history. The Chilton House is an estate shaped by the prominent family members who lived in the house while shaping American history.

    Guests enjoy an upscale, intimate escape nestled in historic Old Town Warrenton, Virginia.

  • Amenities

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    Overnight single rooms, suites, or full house bookings.


    In Old Town Warrenton, an hour's drive from Washington DC.

    The Grounds

    A full Acre of flower gardens, secluded groves, & open space.

    Summer Kitchen Museum

    Step into the past with a one-of-a-kind restored 1820's outdoor Summer Kitchen.

    Hunt Country Lounge

    Finished Hunt Style basement lounge with original 1800's wood paneling.

    50 wineries within 25 miles

    The perfect location to stage a winery weekend, or a quiet country escape.

  • Around Old Town Warrenton

    Warrenton and Fauquier County have a lot to offer!

    Old Jail Museum

    Just two blocks away, the Museum tells the story of our town and its families. It includes many artifacts from the Chilton, Blackwell, and Horner Families who lived at Chilton House.

    Wineries & Breweries

    Check out the brand new Wort Hog Brewery just a block away, Old Bust Head Brewery, & wineries at Granite Heights, Vint Hill, Gray Ghost, & La Grange.

    Top Restaurants

    Enjoy delicious fare at Claire's at The Depot, Sibby's BBQ, Black Bear Bistro, The New Bridge, Sunny Hills, and many more all within 5 blocks from Chilton House.

    Blue Ridge Mountains

    Just a 30 minute drive from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive at Shenandoah National Park up Route 211.

  • The History of The Chilton House & Family

    Moments in a 400 year old story that continues today.

    Coming to America

    Mary Chilton Arrives on the Mayflower

    In the year 1620, at age 13, Mary Chilton (pictured left) crossed the Atlantic with the crew of the Mayflower. Her father James Chilton died in the crossing, and she was adopted by the leader of the colony, John Alden. She is given the honor as the first woman ashore on Plymouth Rock.

    The Revolutionary War

    Captain John Chilton​

    John Chilton III (left, sword raised) married Lucy Blackwell and moved to Warrenton. When war broke out, he served as Captain of the 3rd Virginia Regiment from 1775 to his death at the Battle of Brandywine on Sept. 11, 1777. He perished along with his troops as they held the line to the rest of the American Army could escape. His diary is among the best records of the war.

    The Civil War

    Warrenton exchanged hands 67 times during the war, essentially making it an occupied town. The backyard was used as a small farm and as a camp for both union & confederate troops. During the war, Chilton House was owned by Gen. William H Payne, leader of the local Black Horse Cavalry. A Chilton relative, Robert Hall Chilton, served as Robert E. Lee's Chief of Staff.

    The 20th Century

    Austine Chilton McDonnell Marries William Randolph Hearst Jr. 

    "The Wedding of the Year" at Chilton House

    Austine was part of the 3rd generation of Chiltons to live in the house, a prolific journalist who married into the most well-known journalism family in the nation, The Hearsts. They were married at the Warrenton Court House, received their guests in the reception rooms, and held dinner on the grounds behind the home.


    Chilton House restored!

    Today, the house is occupied by John Chilton McAuliff. The entire branch of the Chilton family contributed to the restoration project, including Mary McDonnell, Barbara McDonnell, Kathy McDonnell, and William McDonnell McAuliff.

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